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New & Used Lacrosse Equipment

Play It Again Sports Aurora has a HUGE selection of Lacrosse Gear!

Lacrosse Gear Montage

Fully stocked with a great selection of new lacrosse gear, too.

We stock new and used lacrosse equipment at prices that are much less expensive than a typical sporting goods store.  Whether you're looking for new or used gear Play it Again Sports is your one stop shop.

Featuring top name brands such as: Brine, STX, DeBeer, Warrior, Reebok, Cascade, Easton, Gait, Harrow, Maverik and many more, for every age range.

Lacrosse Gear montage

Our most popular lacrosse items include:

  • Lacrosse Helmets

  • Protective Pads & Goggles

  • Lacrosse Gloves

  • Sticks, Balls & Goals

  • Equipment Bags

  • Stick Strings and Kits

Remember, our inventory is always changing so if we don't have what you're looking for already, we may get it soon.  

Bring in your old, outgrown, unused gear and create your own discount program.